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Online cube Games
Play 4Shift4Shift Game

Plays: 2766
Category: Action
Line up diamonds to make points and combos in this fast-paced blend of Rubik's Cube and Bejeweled. Rows and columns along a diamond can be shifted left, right, up, or down. Contiguous groups of blocks score points. At first, the game plays as a frantic arcade game to rack up points. Over time, blocks are removed, requiring the player to adapt with a more strategic approach.
Play CubeCube Game

Plays: 2737
Category: Adventure
In this hi-tech looking game you found yourself locked inside a strange cube looking room. It seems you have to solve several puzzles to find your wait out of here.
Play UndividedUndivided Game

Plays: 2709
Category: Puzzles
Click squares to remove, shift and add dividers; you must eliminate them all. Recognizing patterns is the key to this challenge.
Play Move the BlocksMove the Blocks Game

Plays: 2701
Category: BoardGame
This is an easy mind game inspired from rubic cube. There are 13 levels to complete.
Play Color DefenderColor Defender Game

Plays: 2636
Category: Shooting
Use your mouse to defend your cube by collecting the colored squares. Make sure you are the same color as the squares though!
Play Fish CatchersFish Catchers Game

Plays: 2635
Category: Action
(Español abajo) Description ======== You have to capture as many fishes as you can. Use your glove for that. Be careful to not capture Bomb Fish without a Metal Glove. Every new fish you capture goes to your Aquarium. Move yourself with cursors LEFT and RIGHT Shoot the glove with SPACE BAR Some very rare especies and decorations for your Aquarium only appear in certain levels, try to get them all!! You will find items in levels, they work as follows: CLOCK - Gives you extra time for your mission ICE CUBE - Freezes time for few seconds, enough for you to catch what you need SHIELD - Gives you Metal Glove for the level, with this you can capture Bomb Fish Once you obtain your points submit your score! but dont close the POP-UP Window or your points wont be submitted. Try to be the number one of the World!! Español Instrucciones ========== Tienes que capturar tantos peces como te sea posible. Usa tu guante para conseguirlo. Ten cuidado de no capturar un Pez Bomba sin un Guante de Metal. Cada nuevo pez que captures va a tu Aquarium (Acuario). Muevete con los cursores IZQUIERDA y DERECHA Disapara el guante con la BARRA ESPACIADORA Algunas especies muy raras y decoraciones para tu acuario solo aparecen en algunos niveles, intenta conseguirlos todos!! En los niveles encontraras algunos items: RELOJ - Te da extra tiempo para tu mision CUBO DE HIELO - Congela el tiempo por unos segundos, suficiente para que captures lo que necesitas. ESCUDO - Te da el Guante de Metal àra ese nivel, con este puedes capturar el Pez Bomba Una vez que obtengas tus puntos envialos! pero no cierres la ventana emergente que se abrira o tus puntos no seran enviados. Intenta ser el numero uno del Mundo!!
Play Spin.SolitaireSpin.Solitaire Game

Plays: 2627
Category: Puzzles
On the face of it, this is one more example from a wide range of diverse kinds of solitaires. Behind a simple form you'll find a powerful logic game which can rank with such brain-twisters as Rubik cube. Play spin.solitaire like never before!
Play spinning pairsspinning pairs Game

Plays: 2609
Category: BoardGame
Remake of Dharma Doujou. Hit the block line and collect the same color blocks.
Play Trail RunnerTrail Runner Game

Plays: 2582
Category: Action
Trail Runner. A Retro 3D light-cycle game There’s no getting away from it. Trail Runner was inspired by ‘Knot in 3D’, a game written by Malcolm Evans back in 1983 for the ZX Spectrum. Happy Days Use the arrow keys to fly your ship in a wrap-around cube of space. You must avoid all the trails, including your own - the yellow one. Collisions affect your shield, when your shield strength reaches zero, it is game over. Your score increases in proportion to the increase in space density. Or just sit back and watch the demo.
Play Naruto 3D CubeNaruto 3D Cube Game

Plays: 2568
Category: Puzzles
Return the cube to the original condition, then you may get unexpected new naruto characters!
Play The Labyrinth part 1The Labyrinth part 1 Game

Plays: 2563
Category: Puzzles
This game is a sort of Labyrith mixed with an escape game, you have to escape from it by making rotate each room. Some doors are locked, so you must find the keys to open them.
Play Clear CubeClear Cube Game

Plays: 2546
Category: Puzzles
Pop cubes of the same color. Try to pop more at once to gain a higher score!
Play Icecube EscapeIcecube Escape Game

Plays: 2529
Category: Action
Help this IceCube pioneer escape from the depths of the mineshaft
Play CubeWars 2CubeWars 2 Game

Plays: 2527
Category: Puzzles
It's a sequel of CubeWars game, puzzle/strategy game based on Virus game idea. Primary objective: Capture as more cubes as possible. Features: - 6 different maps - 7 awards for different achievements - tutorial - chill out music and sounds - bright graphics - story
Play Cube Green MenCube Green Men Game

Plays: 2464
Category: Action
The princess of the kingdom of cubes was kidnapped by bandits very dangerous, that in exchange for their freedom, want to control their country and enslave all the inhabitants. Defeat all the criminals and rescue the princess.
Play RubikRubik's Cube Game

Plays: 2435
Category: Puzzles
3x3 Rubik's Cube 3D puzzle
Play PicBixPicBix Game

Plays: 2433
Category: Puzzles
A puzzle game where you rearrange photo-tiles to form a photograph.
Play RoobixRoobix Game

Plays: 2431
Category: BoardGame
This game reminds us of Paris Hilton. You either love it and can't get enough it, or it's simply the most irritating thing in the world. Whichever camp you're in, you can't ignore its legendary status as one of the most important pop-culture icons of the 80s! You know the rules of this puzzle game, make each side of the cube one colour. Actually doing it is another matter. Use the arrows to swivel the panels, and click and hold mouse to move the cube around.
Play The Same CubeThe Same Cube Game

Plays: 2409
Category: Puzzles
Clic on the same cube And use color bomb
Play Cube and BallCube and Ball Game

Plays: 2338
Category: Action
Play point and click, match-3, shooter, action, platform, strategy, race and other in-one packaging puzzle game!

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