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Play Multiplayer Connect FourMultiplayer Connect Four Game

Plays: 4711
Category: Strategy
The goal is to connect four of your pegs in vertical, horizontal or diagonal direction. You are able to chat with your opponent.
Play GemislandsGemislands Game

Plays: 4664
Category: BoardGame
You have reached the treasure island. You'll have to work hard and be very skilled to be able to collect all the gems of the island. Time is against you, because if you take too long pirates arrive soon.
Play ConectaConecta Game

Plays: 4651
Category: Puzzles
Connect all wires and send the correct energy to each computer. Save energy when don´t use it!
Play Come2Play Multiplayer GamesCome2Play Multiplayer Games Game

Plays: 4621
Category: BoardGame
These are Multiplayer flash board games: Chees, Backgammon, Reversi, Connect 4, TicTacToe, Checkers and more. The ad is shown at the beginning of each game (when you choose to play)
Play Valentine CouplesValentine Couples Game

Plays: 4588
Category: Puzzles
Draw a line with your mouse making a path on the hexagons to connect two or more Chocolate symbols of the same kind. You can draw everywhere as long as you highlight adjacent hexagons and connect Chocolate symbols of the same kind. Draw too fast and you will lose your path...
Play Nyan Cat Match 3Nyan Cat Match 3 Game

Plays: 4583
Category: BoardGame
Match 3 gameplay combined with crazy Nyan Cats - pure awesomeness :) The goal of this flash game is to get as many points in 90 seconds as possible. You swap Nyan Cats to form horizontal or vertical sets of the same color. The more Nyan Cats you can connect this way, the higher your score will be. Furthermore there are special stones as a reward if you can connect more then 3 Nyan Cats. Created by
Play Link FiveLink Five Game

Plays: 4542
Category: Puzzles
Outsmart the computer by connecting five pieces in a straight line first.
Play Bewitched Doll - Near the HouseBewitched Doll - Near the House Game

Plays: 4444
Category: Action
In a terrible House was not the only enchanted doll. The old witch scattered parts of another doll, near the House. Find parts of a doll and connect them.
Play 3 Tile3 Tile Game

Plays: 4427
Category: Puzzles
Connect 3 tiles to clear them, clear all the tiles to complete the level. This is a challenging puzzle that makes event the greatest minds think.
Play Farm Roads LiteFarm Roads Lite Game

Plays: 4419
Category: Puzzles
Connect the farming community by linking all the isolated roads in order to join the paddocks, plantations, windmills, farm houses and barns. This will ensure that farming life is far more productive and efficient!
Play Underwater ConnectUnderwater Connect Game

Plays: 4404
Category: Puzzles
Have some fun playing this cool board game similar to the mahjong games in with you have to clear all the cards from the board by connecting two cards of the same image. Play the Underwater Connect game and find out!
Play Connect FourConnect Four Game

Plays: 4403
Category: Other
A simple game of Connect Four
Play Let It Glow 2Let It Glow 2 Game

Plays: 4399
Category: Puzzles
Connect the energy source to bulbs and let it glow over 20 levels, again!
Play Word PipesWord Pipes Game

Plays: 4348
Category: Education
Connect the water source to the target using "word pipes".
Play FishNeedWaterFishNeedWater Game

Plays: 4334
Category: Puzzles
Help fish get back to water!
Play Animals ConnectAnimals Connect Game

Plays: 4331
Category: BoardGame
Try to find all 12 words of these cute animals.
Play Disco CubesDisco Cubes Game

Plays: 4327
Category: Puzzles
Roll and match colored cubes on the disco beat! Rotate a cube around the isometric playing field, to match the color on top with 3 or more adjacent cubes. Make all required matches before you're out of energy! With 2 game modes, this original action puzzler provides a real challenge for both beginners and advanced players!
Play LinxLinx Game

Plays: 4326
Category: Puzzles
A unique logical game, where your objective is to collect all the same coloured bases with paths. The paths have a funky characteristic, that two paths of different colours cannot intersect. Add to it pits which can't hold paths on them, and you get a mixture of logical mayhem.
Play Colour ConnectColour Connect Game

Plays: 4309
Category: Puzzles
Classic casual game: it is easy to understand, simple to pick-up and play, and the randomly generated puzzles present a challenge that is difficult to master.
Play Doozy TravelDoozy Travel Game

Plays: 4281
Category: Adventure
In Doozy Land, Doozies work hard and vacation even harder. These fun-loving dwarfs never miss out an opportunity to sneak out on a vacation when they can. And eco-friendly dwarfs that they are, instead of taking bus, car, train or plane; they prefer traveling “on clouds” via the Cloud Station! So, help the Doozies of Doozy Land, to reach their vacation hotspot asap! One by one, Doozies will appear on the planks at the Cloud Station and jump on the slingshot, waiting for you to help them connect to the fastest moving cloud! Remember - The higher the throw; the higher the points! Are you ready to help Doozies embark on a Fun Voyage?

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