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Online obstacle Games
Play Bike Trial 3Bike Trial 3 Game

Plays: 2003
Category: Action
Ride a trial motorcycle over a variety of obstacles. Try to get through all levels without falling off the motorbike.
Play Desert Car RideDesert Car Ride Game

Plays: 1989
Category: Driving
Have fun, relax and drive your sports car through five desert courses to reach the finish line. Collect shining stars along the way to earn points. Each star is worth 100 points.
Play Dodge THISDodge THIS Game

Plays: 1953
Category: Action
Create your own avoider game! Choose your own player, obstacles, background, and music from anywhere across the web!
Play NFWNFW Game

Plays: 1919
Category: Action
Speed to the finish collecting power ups and avoiding other boaters in this exhilarating racing game! Roof-mounted weapons and rocket boosters are at your disposal as you navigate obstacle-laden waterways! Watch out for other racers and a devious assortment of pitfalls! Push it to the limit in Need for Waves!
Play Line Game: Grapefruit EditionLine Game: Grapefruit Edition Game

Plays: 1915
Category: Strategy
Guide your line through each obstacle-filled level as quickly as you can.
Play Hostión de WendyHostión de Wendy Game

Plays: 1900
Category: Action
Press SPACE a lot to get TELEKINESIS, the more time you maintain TELEKINESIS the better obstacle you will place in Wendy's way. Place a lot of obstacles to keep Wendy away from you and get a lot of points at the same time. The better obstacles give more points and distance too. When you dont press SPACE the obstacle will fall in Wendy's way. Be careful to not be caught by Wendy, place obstacles to avoid that, however you are strong enough =). Once you obtain your points submit your score! but dont close the POP-UP Window or your points wont be submitted. Try to be the number one of the World!!
Play DropDrop Game

Plays: 1797
Category: Action
Your goal is to reach the ground. During your flight through a floating city you come across buildings, trains, cars, balloons, cranes, and bad-tempered robots. Try to collect as many coins und power-ups as possible to increase your score. The key: The longer you don't hit an obstacle, the faster you will be. If you reach a certain speed, you can destroy obstacles.
Play Speed FreakSpeed Freak Game

Plays: 1792
Category: Action
Somewhere in an alternate, 2D, cartoony universe, a whole race of creatures known as ‘Sprunners’ exist for one purpose. To provide entertainment to their overlords. These strange overlords decided to place the cute beasts in obstacle courses that contained floating coins, spikes, and pine blocks. If an overlord was pleased with his little peon, sometimes it was a gift of scones that were the Sprunner’s only payment.
Play Nutty BoomNutty Boom Game

Plays: 1732
Category: Action
This furball loves things to go off with a bang… Click to strategically place your bombs and get this little guy through each obstacle course. Try to collect all the acorns for bonus points!
Play To the finish!To the finish! Game

Plays: 1722
Category: Other
Get the ball to the finish as fast as possible. If you hit an obstacle, you'll have to start over.
Play Mountain Side Bike RideMountain Side Bike Ride Game

Plays: 1708
Category: Driving
In this cool bike riding game, you have an opportunity to take the challenge through the rocky mountain hill side by riding a motorcycle. To win the game, you need to complete all the level.
Play Obstacle Car Parking 2Obstacle Car Parking 2 Game

Plays: 1672
Category: Driving
Park your car in the marked spot without hitting any obstacles.
Play Montagne Russe BikingMontagne Russe Biking Game

Plays: 1668
Category: Driving
Speed up to be ahead of your competition, just like in any free online biking games, but make sure you slow down whenever there's an obstacle or bump on the road.
Play Forest Obstacle EscapeForest Obstacle Escape Game

Plays: 1623
Category: Action,Hi.., My name is Tim. Please help me for leave this forest with my lorry.
Play Stunt MasterStunt Master Game

Plays: 1616
Category: Driving
Do stunts and score points along the obstacle course
Play RobotRobot Game

Plays: 1583
Category: Action
Help the Robot dodge obstacles.
Play mesmemarble 2mesmemarble 2 Game

Plays: 1555
Category: Puzzles
The objective of the game is to simply find the exit. Try to pick up all the stars as you go for more points. Check out the powerups and avoid the bad ones. Survey the maze first. Move around the red marbles or lose life! Good Luck!
Play Bicycle Obstacle ChallengeBicycle Obstacle Challenge Game

Plays: 1543
Category: Driving
In this games, your main goal is to drive the bicycle to the parking space as quickly as you can before the time runs out.However, there are many obstacle in your ways.
Play Obstacle Car ParkingObstacle Car Parking Game

Plays: 1523
Category: Driving
Park your car in the marked spot without hitting any obstacles.
Play Dodo Bird ChallengeDodo Bird Challenge Game

Plays: 1518
Category: Action
Accept this great challenge and help Dodo Bird fly away safely from the glacial lands before he freezes! He needs to reach the tropical lands without hitting any obstacle that might get in his way! An easy game, great fun, just perfect to help time fly by! Tap the screen to make Dodo flap his wings and dodge obstacles! Help him get as farther as he can before he freezes! ------- Coming soon: Great skill training missions Fun rewards in bonuses and badges! COOLectables during the flight! NEW characters picked out from Dodo’s friends to play with!

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