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Play Zombie Go Home 2Zombie Go Home 2 Game

Plays: 2879
Category: Puzzles
Help to Zombie to come to his grave. Your goal is to guide the hero to the exit without leaving the screen. Collect as many brains as possible to gain the best score. When you move your hero he will keep moving until hits ab obstacle. Also, you need to avoid the pits. On later level you will meet the ghosts. They have their own path, so try to analyze the field, before start moving. You will find also teleports - they will help you a lot! Good luck!
Play Andy Candy FestAndy Candy Fest Game

Plays: 2856
Category: Action
Help Andy to get all the candies in this simple puzzle platform game. Don't run out of time and avoid all obstacle and get for the highest score.
Play Obstacle RaceObstacle Race Game

Plays: 2799
Category: Action
Drive your Ferrari avoiding obstacles and collecting money.
Play Cursor: Easy EditionCursor: Easy Edition Game

Plays: 2733
Category: Puzzles
This is the easy version for the avoid game Cursor. Move the orange ball and reach the end of the maze without touching any obstacle or wall.
Play Aboe Heart PluckAboe Heart Pluck Game

Plays: 2699
Category: Adventure
Control Aboe to collect all the heart in this simple puzzle platform game. Don't run out of time and avoid all obstacle and get for the highest score.
Play WotchitWotchit Game

Plays: 2696
Category: Puzzles
Wotchit is a game of skill and concentration - can you keep a steady hand and beat the clock?
Play Space EscapeSpace Escape Game

Plays: 2617
Category: Action
Guide your space ship cross the obstacle filled courses.

Plays: 2610
Category: Driving
In this game player drive the boat and collect the fishes with the help of left/right arrow for steering and space to jump from obstacles. Beware with obstacle they decrease your health. Game end when player health is over.
Play DittoDitto Game

Plays: 2577
Category: Adventure
The game has one goal, to get each lover, Eros & Roxana together again. May seem simple but as the game progresses you will face a number of challenges and obstacles that will need patience and ultimate gaming skills to overcome! The game features a symmetry between Eros and Roxana so when you move Eros, Roxana will move towards him and when Eros jumps, Roxana jumps. Now what if an obstacle gets in the way of a lover or the path given is not symmetrical? That’s the premise behind Ditto being a deceptive puzzle game, where the slightest wrong move could be your last!
Play Escape MasterEscape Master Game

Plays: 2560
Category: Adventure
Survive in over 40+ levels gradually increasing in difficulty. This will not be an easy platform game for anybody and guaranteed to make many quit. Inspired by hardcore platform games such as IWBTG/jumper.
Play Apingu SlideApingu Slide Game

Plays: 2545
Category: Action
Help Apingu to collect fishes as many as you can in a limited time and go to the iglo in this simple puzzle platform game. Put your feet up on slipery ice and avoid all obstacle and get for the highest score.
Play Obstacle RaceObstacle Race Game

Plays: 2461
Category: Driving
Avoid and shoot obstacles. Collect coins and earn points.
Play CursorCursor Game

Plays: 2450
Category: Puzzles
Make your way through the maze without touching any obstacle or wall. Try to get to the end!
Play Radical RacerRadical Racer Game

Plays: 2373
Category: Action
Guide your ship through an obstacle course choosing the best route without crashing into the sides or other objects.
Play Space Race: Taken To The Next LevelSpace Race: Taken To The Next Level Game

Plays: 2223
Category: Action
Space Race is a score based game where you must guide your ship from the start to end of an obstacle course. This game is certainly not a walk in the park, do not give up on your first attempt!
Play Monster Truck GalacticMonster Truck Galactic Game

Plays: 2133
Category: Action
Select your best monster truck and start race through the galactic obstacle.
Play Simon In WonderlandSimon In Wonderland Game

Plays: 2132
Category: Adventure
Look! The cutest and sweetest little horse Simon is in Wonderland. He must reach his beloved and bring her four shoes, so they can run through Wonderland. Unfortunately, that’s not easy at all. The road isn’t covered with roses, but there are many obstacles, which if Simon doesn’t jump over, they will take a piece of his energy that he needs to overcome the challenges and move forward. But, that’s not all. On the way to his beloved, there is one prickly hedgehog running behind and one wasp flying around, both of them trying to hurt Simon. If they do, a big piece of energy will be also lost, but jump and eat a piece of cake to refill a little of the energy bar. Move your mouse to the right / left to accelerate / slow down and press left mouse button to jump over an obstacle. Interestingly to know is that the more speed Simon has, the higher and longer he can jump. The little clock on the top of your screen shows how long it will take till Simon reaches his beloved. This is the most challenging and exciting horse game. You gonna love it!

Plays: 2130
Category: Action
The Super Rubo game has 10-levels and robot has 5-lives to reach these all levels. To increase his lives touch the yellow stars in space then robot lives increases.
Play Undead SkaterUndead Skater Game

Plays: 2102
Category: Adventure
This game will lead you in a world full of danger, undead people and a lot of fun. You have to help the undead skater boy to overcome all the levels and obstacle. He also have to collect as many coins, brains and other stuff as possible on his way to the end of the level. The game will be more difficult from level to level. Can you handle this crazy undead boy and his skateboard? Have fun and show your skater skills. More
Play Motocross SaharaMotocross Sahara Game

Plays: 2047
Category: Driving
Motocross Sahara. In this extreme ride game you have new challenges in every level and various obstacle to clear.

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