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Online Farm Games
Play Evil Monster MansionEvil Monster Mansion Game

Plays: 1680
Category: Dress-Up
Looking for adventure? These young kids found out that the abandoned farm at the city limits was once the scene of a gruesome murder that was never solved. Only one girl is brave enough to head inside, but if they see her walk through the front doors with just a backpack full of sandwiches and a flashlight, then maybe they'll find their courage as well.
Play Pretty Farm Hidden ObjectsPretty Farm Hidden Objects Game

Plays: 1670
Category: BoardGame
Find all hidden objects in the Pretty Farm.
Play Lovely Farm Hidden ObjectsLovely Farm Hidden Objects Game

Plays: 1667
Category: BoardGame
Find all hidden objects in the Lovely Farm.
Play Mushroom Farm DefenderMushroom Farm Defender Game

Plays: 1665
Category: Puzzles
In this game you have to strategically place mushroom along the pathway from where your enemies come. Your mushrooms will automatically defend your farm by shooting at the enemies. The more enemies your mushrooms kill the more money you make and thus having more money for upgrades and adding more mushrooms to defend your farm. So this game is all about strategically placing your mushrooms in the right spot. Good Luck!
Play Cute Cow GirlCute Cow Girl Game

Plays: 1656
Category: Dress-Up
Get the cute cow girl ready for a fun day at the farm
Play Big farm and horses coloringBig farm and horses coloring Game

Plays: 1653
Category: Customize
Big farm and horses coloring Game.
Play Farm BeeFarm Bee Game

Plays: 1647
Category: Action
Be the fastest bee to help the farmer to fix all the holes in the road.
Play Word HerdWord Herd Game

Plays: 1624
Category: Puzzles
Find words hidden in herds of sheep as fast as you can.
Play Farm Bee RaceFarm Bee Race Game

Plays: 1617
Category: Action
Race the farm in this fun and exciting game.
Play Insect RaceInsect Race Game

Plays: 1570
Category: Action
Like real racing, the winner is the one finding and staying in the fastest track throughout the race. The same goes in this very fun, exciting and intense insect race game.
Play Child and farm animals coloringChild and farm animals coloring Game

Plays: 1559
Category: Customize
Child and farm animals coloring Game.
Play Militant CatMilitant Cat Game

Plays: 1558
Category: Action
Do not lose the opportunity to play this free online physic game by The cat Riley want to come to the farm full of lovely cats food. But the farm is guarded by the big dogs. Shoot the cat at the troop of dogs, break wooden and glass beams, clear the way to the farm. This game have 20 levels for continuous gameplay.
Play Animals and farm coloringAnimals and farm coloring Game

Plays: 1540
Category: Customize
Animals and farm coloring Game.
Play Count the SheepCount the Sheep Game

Plays: 1492
Category: Puzzles
Disguised as sheep by covering themselves with sheepskin, the cunning wolves are hosting a masquerade with the aim to attack the innocent sheep. Can you bring an end to their fantasy with your eagle eyes? Your goal in this game is to count the correct number of sheep without being fooled by the disguised wolves. A number of sheep will appear at the start of each level, and you will have a few seconds to observe them. After that you need to report the exact number of sheep on the grassland, and you can click the corresponding number on the screen or use your keyboard to give your answer. Click the Submit button to check the result, and you can proceed to the next level if your answer is correct. As you advance in the game, the number of sheep will increase, and more disguised wolves will join the game. Drive the evil away and protect your sheep from harm!
Play Goosy FarmerGoosy Farmer Game

Plays: 1492
Category: Puzzles
Destroy farm icons by creating lines of 3 or more icons of the same kind. You can move the icons by tapping on them with your finger to swap the adjacent icon.
Play Farm and GrowFarm and Grow Game

Plays: 1478
Category: Education
Build a farm and help your family prosper. Grow crops, send the children to school, buy and sell at the market, construct buildings and found a dynasty.
Play Peter farm house coloringPeter farm house coloring Game

Plays: 1470
Category: Customize
Peter farm house coloring Game.
Play Cute farm house coloringCute farm house coloring Game

Plays: 1468
Category: Customize
Cute farm house coloring Game.
Play Future BuddyFuture Buddy Game

Plays: 1462
Category: Action
The tiny creatures from future are trapped in present by evil moss the jelly king. Help the future buddies to return home by helping them to reach the time machine. How to play:- You can connect the Future Buddy to the holders by clicking on both Buddy and Holder. You can cut the rope by dragging the hold down mouse over the rope and release it. This game contains 3 worlds. Total 60 levels. Each world contains 20 levels. 1) The Farm House This world will always open 2) The Tree House To unlock this world you need to collect 48 stars out of 60 from "The Farm House". 3) The Garden To unlock this world you need to collect 54 stars out of 60 from "The Tree House".
Play Oeuf PanicOeuf Panic Game

Plays: 1454
Category: Action
The purpose of the game(set,play) is to get back eggs laid by the hens owed to you caught eggs which(who) fall in your basket but it not few that to contain owed 3 to you go most has right or left for powers the space in l the other basket which is below.

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