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Online Witch Games
Play Little Witch SolitaireLittle Witch Solitaire Game

Plays: 720
Category: BoardGame
An exciting variation of greatly popular double Klondike solitaire with hidden cards from Help this pretty little witch to disenchant the dense forest. Build the eight foundations up in suit from Ace to King in the top of screen. On the tableau the cards are played in descending order and regardless of the colors. You can also use the stock cards. Have fun playing Klondike Solitaire with excellent graphics and enjoy the time!
Play Doll House EscapeDoll House Escape Game

Plays: 717
Category: Puzzles
This is the 142nd game from Assume that you are a camera person working for famous newspaper, one day you went to a house belongs to a baby witch to collect some information about it. This is followed by reports found of numerous murders and suicides in houses that have since been built upon the property. Their further investigation shows that a babt witch has sacrificed other babies to Satan and has possessed other mothers that lived in the real estate to kill their children. When you are investigating this house you got disturbed by the soul of the witch,so you can't continue you investigation.Try to escape from the house Click on the objects in the room to interact,collect object and solve puzzle. play enagames and have a wonderful week end!!!
Play Pumpkin Pang!Pumpkin Pang! Game

Plays: 710
Category: Action
Pumpkin pang! A Halloween themed 3D game All the pumpkins have come alive! Use your magic powers to try and hold back the pumpkins for as long as possible.
Play Baba RaganaBaba Ragana Game

Plays: 699
Category: Action
Baba Ragana it's a fantasy Horizontal Scrolling Shooter. Your mission in this game is to meet in a duel with Enemy Magic Boss. Dodge from Flying Castles and fight by shooting the Enemy Magic Cycler. Use arrows buttons to move and spacebar to fire. Good luck!
Play Scary Witch TypingScary Witch Typing Game

Plays: 678
Category: Action
Scary Halloween typing game with cool green witches.
Play Santa Ver 2.011Santa Ver 2.011 Game

Plays: 672
Category: Adventure
Help Santa dodge his enemies even as he drops his Christmas gifts over sleeping households.
Play Dare Devil House EscapeDare Devil House Escape Game

Plays: 663
Category: Puzzles
Dare Devil House Escape is a type of point and click new escape game developed by You went out for a trip and rented a house. While you went inside a house for you was trapped inside. The door of the house is locked. You also came to know there was a devil inside that house. You want to escape from there by finding useful object, and hints. Find the right way to escape from the Dare Devil House. Good Luck Have Fun!
Play Halloween Creepy House EscapeHalloween Creepy House Escape Game

Plays: 651
Category: Action
A thrilling Escape game to test your skills!! Long ago, a great war occurs between the evil witch and the magic queen. The witch cursed and trapped the queen as a scorpion in a cave. After decades, you went there for an archeological excavation. Unfortunately you got trapped inside the same old cave. Escape, If You can… HAPPY HALLOWEEN!
Play Color Pou WitchColor Pou Witch Game

Plays: 648
Category: Other
Halloween has come and Pou wants to be a little witch. Choose the colors you like the most and make him look scary.
Play Sky FightSky Fight Game

Plays: 641
Category: Action
Fight with countless witches in this fun kids shooter game.
Play Escape from Soul ReaperEscape from Soul Reaper Game

Plays: 640
Category: Action
In this game you will be the soul savior… Here the story begins………… John and his family were leading a happy life. But his greedy friend doesn’t want John’s family to be happy, so he plans to destroy his family with the help of witch. As per his plan the witch mummified John’s family members, somehow John alone got escaped he doesn’t want to lose his family, so he seeks your help to get back his family from the witch…..
Play Pumpkin Toss 2Pumpkin Toss 2 Game

Plays: 637
Category: Adventure
Pumpkin Toss 2 is a fun addictive puzzle physics game that will keep you engaged for a long time with 14 unique levels and fun gravity physics!
Play Witch on HalloweenWitch on Halloween Game

Plays: 636
Category: Puzzles
Witch on Halloween is a type of point and click new escape game developed by Everyone wants to celebrate Halloween and this witch is also preparing for the celebration. The Witch is too old, so she cannot able to have more fun. So she decides to make her young for this Halloween. See needs you to make herself young. Lets help witch. Have a fun!
Play Moonlight RushMoonlight Rush Game

Plays: 631
Category: Adventure
Guide Luna the Witch against an endless army of spooky creatures out to get her! Using your wits and fast senses, traverse in the Halloween sky and see how far you can get in this ever changing, increasingly difficult game!
Play Baby Witch Magic PotionBaby Witch Magic Potion Game

Plays: 618
Category: Other
In this new Enjoydressup game you will meet a baby witch who needs your help in preparing a magic potion. What you don't know ladies, is that she needs this magic potion to heal her precious kitty, Luna, who has a broken paw. In order to help her, you will have to play a challenging mini game in which you will have to collect all the ingredients for the magic potion. Then you will learn how to prepare it and what is the secret recipe!
Play Witch Hallows Dress UpWitch Hallows Dress Up Game

Plays: 609
Category: Dress-Up
Halloween is near and a cute girl wants a witch look in this night but she is confused about her dress up. She needs you for choosing one of her scary clothes and dresses her up for a magical day. Click and drag items onto the girl to apply them. Good luck!
Play Love PotionLove Potion Game

Plays: 607
Category: Puzzles
Love Potion can be brewed by mixing drops of the Four Elements. The Great Witch knows the recipe and will teach it to those who can memorize the exact sequence of drops
Play Flying WitchFlying Witch Game

Plays: 590
Category: Action
This is a flight shooting game. Player need control witch to kill all the enemies, This game can shoot automaticly ,player can use mouse to control,when clicking left mouse button player can use special weapon to eliminate enemy's bullet.
Play Wow Witch Room EscapeWow Witch Room Escape Game

Plays: 570
Category: Puzzles
Wowescape has brought you a new escape game called Wow Witch Room Escape. You are trapped in a witches room. No one is near to help you. Can you get out? Show your intelligence and escaping skills Find some useful objects and hints to escape from that spooky house. Good Luck and Have Fun !
Play Halloween Witch KissHalloween Witch Kiss Game

Plays: 569
Category: Other
Yeah, Finally the old witch is getting her young age through her magical power. Now she is going to celebrate Halloween in a romantic mood and want to kiss young boys. There are also some good girls who have power to release the boys from witch but girl’s power will work within limited area only. Witch has some extra magical power to protect herself from the girls. Can girls will protect boys? Or Witch will kiss all the boys? Lets see… have a fun!

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