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Play Rogan the swordmasterRogan the swordmaster Game

Plays: 9989
Category: Action
A mighty and dark sorcerer used the Ancient Jewel to open the forgotten Gates of Despair.Then he split the Jewel into four separate pieces and gave these pieces to four mystical creatures so noone will ever can use the Jewel to close the Gates. You have to destroy those creatures and collect all of the pieces to close the Gate of Despire forever!
Play Survival in SpaceSurvival in Space Game

Plays: 3304
Category: Action
You have to push back the waves of enemies, so they do not exceed the red lines
Play Lawman of the FutureLawman of the Future Game

Plays: 2637
Category: Action
A midair failure forced you to eject from your aircraft. Unfortunately, you landed directly in the middle of territory controlled by the enemy. Your mission is one of survival.
Play PixlePixle Game

Plays: 2166
Category: Action
You are PIXLE, a mysterious multi-form shade. Feel the unique high-speed flying sensations and reach the deepest part of the forest without crashing Shadow Tunnels. Can you survive?
Play Advance dingo pingoAdvance dingo pingo Game

Plays: 2149
Category: Strategy
advance dingo pingo 2nd series of dingo pingo this around help to dingo to rescue pingo
Play Fuzzy Things: F-RunnerFuzzy Things: F-Runner Game

Plays: 2005
Category: Action
A quick simple game. Run across a randomly scrolling stage collecting food while avoiding obstacles. Gets faster the longer you survive.
Play Alien Incursion SurvivalAlien Incursion Survival Game

Plays: 1791
Category: Action
Destroy enemy spaceships to earn points
Play Madness EscapeMadness Escape Game

Plays: 1770
Category: Action
Cartoon style action game. Help robot to shoot off enemies, fuel the rocket avoiding its elimination and fly away from the planet!
Play Boss KillerBoss Killer Game

Plays: 1703
Category: Action
Are you ready for 5 minutes of adrenaline rush?! Boss Killer is a quick game. Your objective is to kill all the bosses as fast as you can. Good luck!
Play Day Of Bad WorkerDay Of Bad Worker Game

Plays: 1686
Category: Action
In the remote, godforsaken town of Dristburg is an unusual factory that manufactures sausages. And what is unusual is that each year they select the worst employee of the year. This person is invited to room 667, from which no one has ever returned. What goes on in this room? Play the game to find out… Day Of Bad Worker is a harsh, bloody game. Your one goal is to survive. Dodge the wooden beam, lasers and drills that break through the floor. Control the character deftly, use sliding, double jumps from the walls, and balancing in the air.
Play Bird CannonBird Cannon Game

Plays: 1631
Category: Action
Dodge planes, trees, mushrooms and even volcanoes as you speed through the air, trying to last as long as possible.
Play Gunners 3K: A World Infested With GooGunners 3K: A World Infested With Goo Game

Plays: 1569
Category: Action
Gunners 3K is a fast-paced scrolling shooter in which you assume the role of Elmick Arsentine, a rookie soldier that finds himself constantly lunged into battle with the ever-persistent Goos. Scores and leaderboards are enabled in survival mode, where you will be faced against an infinite swarm of enemies. How long will you last?
Play Orbital Guard SurvivalOrbital Guard Survival Game

Plays: 1501
Category: Action
Man the cannons of the mars planetary defense station - blast away incoming alien ships and asteroids - how long can you survive?
Play SurvivalBlockSurvivalBlock Game

Plays: 1495
Category: Action
It's a simple game of survival. Good luck captain !
Play Star SquadStar Squad Game

Plays: 1424
Category: Action
As a member of star squad, you must to defeat frontline's enemy one by one with the given time. And be ready to face mini boss, and the final boss. It used keyboard and mouse as the target of shoot. This game has features: Unlockable character and weapon Fresh and Cute looking character and enemy Full animated sprite Music and sound effect 6 Item 4 initial weapon and upgradeable 12 level 3 Mini boss A Final boss
Play SurvarkSurvark Game

Plays: 1394
Category: Action
Hardcore breakout. Be the first if you can survive.
Play Box of LifeBox of Life Game

Plays: 1367
Category: Action
Try to eat smaller red boxes and avoid bigger or blue ones! Red boxes contain that the life needs...
Play CatspringCatspring Game

Plays: 1341
Category: Action
Platform survival game in which you play as a cat and have to collect as much fish as you can avoiding missils that come from the right side of the screen.
Play ChanceChance Game

Plays: 1328
Category: Adventure
A 60 second chance to meet your fate! Know your chance, pick your door and make your way through an endless 60 seconds of sandy floors and doorways! But be wary, not all doors are as enticing as they seem! Will you escape! Will you fall to your doom! Or will wander around aimlessly... unsure... and confused... UNTIL you fall to your demise! You decide!
Play Collect ChallengeCollect Challenge Game

Plays: 1285
Category: Action
Collect as many as possible. Survive as long as possible. Challenge your friends. Have fun! more games

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