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Online rubik Games
Play RubixRubix Game

Plays: 7692
Category: Puzzles
An engaging puzzle game where you manipulate a grid to try and achieve the target. It's hard - but even harder to stop playing.
Play CubeoCubeo Game

Plays: 42233
Category: Puzzles
Cube'o' is a puzzle game based on the Rubik's cube.......but with a twist!! Your job is to arrange the pieces to their original state via sliding individual blocks around the cube using the empty space provided. Guaranteed to keep you guessing!!
Play 3D Rubik3D Rubik's Cube Game

Plays: 26774
Category: Education
Simple and convenient 3D version of a Rubik's cube with dimensions 2x2 3x3 4x4 and 5x5
Play SquandaSquanda Game

Plays: 16318
Category: BoardGame
A fun and challenging spacial puzzle game with 48 Levels and a Level Editor!
Play 3D Cube Assembler3D Cube Assembler Game

Plays: 6258
Category: Action
Simple and convenient 3D version of a Rubik's cube with dimensions 2x2 3x3 4x4 and 5x5. Allows to customize side colors and rotation speed
Play ScrabikScrabik Game

Plays: 3641
Category: BoardGame
Scrabble meets Rubik's Cube!
Play CubicRubic 3DCubicRubic 3D Game

Plays: 3436
Category: BoardGame
The classic game now in 3d , use your brain to win , well you will try !
Play Rubik (Facebook)Rubik (Facebook) Game

Plays: 2990
Category: Puzzles
Can you finish a Rubik's Cube?

Plays: 2921
Category: Puzzles
Rubik's Cube in 2D. Construct this, if you can!
Play 4Shift4Shift Game

Plays: 2744
Category: Action
Line up diamonds to make points and combos in this fast-paced blend of Rubik's Cube and Bejeweled. Rows and columns along a diamond can be shifted left, right, up, or down. Contiguous groups of blocks score points. At first, the game plays as a frantic arcade game to rack up points. Over time, blocks are removed, requiring the player to adapt with a more strategic approach.
Play Spin.SolitaireSpin.Solitaire Game

Plays: 2615
Category: Puzzles
On the face of it, this is one more example from a wide range of diverse kinds of solitaires. Behind a simple form you'll find a powerful logic game which can rank with such brain-twisters as Rubik cube. Play spin.solitaire like never before!
Play RubikRubik's Cube Game

Plays: 2423
Category: Puzzles
3x3 Rubik's Cube 3D puzzle
Play PicBixPicBix Game

Plays: 2421
Category: Puzzles
A puzzle game where you rearrange photo-tiles to form a photograph.
Play RubikRubik's Cube Game

Plays: 2318
Category: Puzzles
Classic Rubik´s cube puzzle with a 3d Cube
Play Super Color Block ChineseSuper Color Block Chinese Game

Plays: 2176
Category: Education
??????????????,?????,?????,?????????????,?????????????????,????????????! Super Color Block is an unusual puzzle game, Similar to the 2d Rubik's Cube,Sign begin to play it!
Play 3D Cube3D Cube Game

Plays: 2031
Category: Education
Play RubikRubik Game

Plays: 1903
Category: Action
Can you finish a Rubik's Cube?
Play Cars and Trucks Rubix CubeCars and Trucks Rubix Cube Game

Plays: 881
Category: Puzzles
Several Fun Rubik Cube Puzzles in 2x2, 3x3, 4x4, and 5x5
Play RubikRubik's Cube Game

Plays: 426007
Category: Puzzles
Everyone enjoys the classic Rubiks Cube game and now you can try it on the computer in this fun Rubiks cube game! In the game there is a cube which is composed of 27 blocks, your job is to rotate the rows of blocks until the colors of the blocks in each of the faces are the same. This game challenges the brain and is extreme fun.
Play 3D Cube Puzzle3D Cube Puzzle Game

Plays: 9877
Category: Puzzles
The cross cube is a puzzle based on an exploded Rubik's cube. It's like a 2x2x2 Rubik's cube, but it's represented in an unusual, easy to manipulate way. How fast can you solve it?

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